4 Amazing Immune System Boosters That You Will Love

As the flu season begins, we are all worried, especially this year, not to catch a cold, to get pneumonia or any other virus. We try to protect as much as possible, staying home, avoiding interaction with other people and…. just be alone. You wash your hands with regularity, take vitamin C, anything you think will help to keep viruses away, by boosting your immune system.

But, despite your honest efforts, you still find yourself having trouble sleeping well because of a stuffy nose, a painful dry throat, coughing more than you would like, or just simply feeling weak, ready to catch anything that is in the air.

Standard old-school advice? Stay away from cold, interact as less as possible, sterilize everything you can, rest, forget the exercise, take vitamin C and even take “preventively” aspirin, or other handy medication…. “just in case”.

Does all this work? What would help your immune system, the most? Would you like to know more about immunity and little-known tips that strengthen your body and mind?

What if I tell you that you can create an unstoppable immune system while still enjoying therapies that are not only very pleasant, but also quite therapeutic in nature?

Let’s start.

Everyone talks about the immune system, these days. But, few really know what immune system is made of, and what impacts it, the most.

The immune system is very complex and has six big components. The first one that most people are familiar with, is: The Lymphatic system. Lymph fluid is transported throughout the body using different organs, vessels and nodes. Why is this fluid so important? Because it contains white blood cells that fight infections. Then, all the waste, toxins and other debris are filtered by the organs, vessels and nodes.

How important is the Lymphatic System? Well, it seems that without it we will die within 24-48h. With the help of the liver and the bile, the Lymphatic system is also responsible with the absorption of fats and other nutrients.

Now think of vitamin D. According to Dr. Osborne, there are more than 200 studies published on how the nutritional status of the human affects the immune system. He gave a simple example: “Think of vitamin D as the parents. And think of the immune system as the child. Vitamin D helps to mold and shape the behavior of the immune system like a child is molded by the parent. So vitamin D is kind of regulating and guiding the immune system so that it doesn’t over respond. It doesn’t under-respond. It has an appropriate response.”

When the lymphatic system is congested the detoxification is not possible. A new discovery was made in 2017, Interstitium, as an organ in its own right, and one of the largest of the body. A network that was found just under the skin, filled with fluid that drains into the lymphatic system.

The first immune system booster is CirculaCream, that you can find at CurAge® Med. It increases circulation so, through the transdermal delivery system, you can stimulate this amazing organ, interstitium and indirectly the immune system. Use it in the neck area by applying lymphatic drainage technique and light pressure. The neck area has many lymph nodes, and the vagus nerve passes through there, so CirculaCream would reduce the lymphatic congestion in that area. Can be applied also under arms, under the knees or on the breast area, or bikini area. Containing arnica, borage seed oil and vitamin E and F, CirculaCream is amazing for inflammation, venous circulation facilitating cellular metabolism.

The second immune system booster is WBV (Whole body vibration).

First, why insisting so much on lymphatics? Well, the lymphatic system is not only an important building block of the immune system, but also twice the size of the blood circulation, on top of managing double the amount of fluid. More than that, the lymphatic system is interconnected with the hormonal system, so if you struggle with hormonal issues you will have to also check and reduce the lymphatic congestion.

Now, coming back to WBV, PubMed mentioned a study on the effect of WBV on the circulation of the lower extremities and on skin blood flow in the arm.

From improving balance and equilibrium to reducing visceral abdominal fat more than aerobic exercise alone, WBV is an amazing, easy and pleasant way to stimulate your immune system.

Many do not realize that the Respiratory system is also a big component of the Immune system. The mouth, pharynx, larynx, lungs and trachea, all are covered by a mucus layer that traps different pathogens and particles.

The third component of the Immune system is the biggest organ in the body: the skin. Twenty billion T cells (another type of white cells) are a part of the skin’s immune system and control skin microbes.

Lymphocytes are also a part of the immune system. They are small white blood cells that destroy pathogens. Natural Killer cells kill cells infected with pathogens, while the B cells create antibodies to kill bacteria and other toxins. Too many Natural Killer (NK) cells create a host of problems: from insulin resistance to pancreatic damage, while a deficit of them is associated with viral infections and cancer. The solution? Use strategies to modulate the activity of NK cells. There are some research-proven ways to modulate the activity of these critical cells:

  • Exercise
  • Massage
  • Cupping
  • Supplements like: Curcumin, Zinc, Selenium, Melatonin

The nutritionist Jonathan Clinthorne explained how regular consumption of aged garlic extract (2.5g daily) has the capacity to increase the NK cells.  He also continues saying that avoiding frequent oscillations in calorie intake is crucial if you want to increase the T cell activity.

The third big immune system booster is massage.

How does massage impact the immune system?

Firstly, one of the main benefits of massage is the nervous system relaxation. How many times, you were not in a bad mood, completely stressed and in pain and after an hour you felt like a new person? So, what happened? In an interview with DS. Titus Chiu, stress and anxiety will increase the activity in the right brain hemisphere (more responsible with emotions and seeing the big pictures of things), so massaging more the right side of the body and the left ear will strengthen the left hemisphere, having a balance effect on the entire brain. So visceral manipulations combined with neck massage will greatly impact the vagus nerve, the longest nerve in the body which is responsible for the communication between brain and body. It originates in the brain stem, then to each side of the upper neck, behind the ears, travels across the chest down to the digestive and reproductive organs. There is no healing or a real health outside the parasympathetic system, which is mainly represented by the vagus nerve. Vagus nerve can be stimulated through massage, reflexology and essential oils. Once activated, the vagus nerve shifts into a parasympathetic state. While in a rest- and- digest state, the detoxification process is enhanced, inflammation improved boosting immunity and decreasing the anxiety.

Secondly, a poor spinal posture (forward head posture and rounding shoulders) will negatively impact your lung capacity. Studies showed a 30% decrease of the lung capacity. Less air into the lungs means less oxygen, so extra work for heart and lungs. Poor spinal posture increases the nervous system sympathetic response (fight and flight), so you get trapped in Stress Mode. Massage helps to open the spine so the lungs will breathe again.

The 4th immune system booster is cupping.

How does it impact the immune system?

As it uses reverse pressure, the cupping increases the blood circulation and the flow to all the tissues below the skin. So, the interstitium, found just below the skin is stimulated. So, as the immune system. On the other hand, you will better respond to HO-1 natural enzymes that are acting as anti-inflammatory agents and as important antioxidants.

Different points in Chinese medicine, like stomach point, the spleen, the lung and large intestine and kidney, can be stimulated through cupping in order to fortify your immune system. So, each component of the immune system has its own reflex point.

The fifth big component of the immune system is the spleen. It stores white blood cells, filters blood and fights different pathogens.

The sixth component of the immune system is: the GUT. Now, the most amazing thing that many people are unaware of, is that 70-80% of your immune system is actually in the GUT. Knowing this, you will not be surprised to find out that eating a lot and high-processed GMO food will directly impact your body’s ability to fight viruses and other pathogens. In other words, intermittent fasting combined with whole nourishing food will stop a hyperactive immune system, giving it a break to recover while mounting the liver’s response for better detoxification. So, keep your gut in a good shape, if you want to build a strong immune system.

In conclusion, there are many ways to strengthen your immune system, but whole body vibration, massage and cupping are the ones the most pleasant I found. Try them, you will not regret!