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Carcinogens, how can we limit our exposure while finding better options?

Every day we come in contact with a wide variety of chemical cocktails from our personal care products, makeup, cleaning supplies and laundry, air fresheners and perfumes. Many of us choose products just based on a recent ad, social media post or by its smell but have you ever wondered what actually makes up a formula and what are the impacts on our health?

Today will focus on the key ingredients to avoid in the new year to keep you and the planet healthy. When looking for healthier product options look for eco-friendly formulas and avoid the following ingredient that has been shown to be carcinogenic and-or potentially cause hormone disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity. From an environmental perspective, some of these ingredients are what we refer to as forever chemicals that lead to bioaccumulation and ecotoxicity.

Sulphate, this foaming agent disrupts your skins hydro-lipid barrier allowing other ingredients to penetrate. It has also been linked to contact dermatitis. Avoid sulphate based detergents in your products to maintain healthy skin.
Phthalates are commonly found in products containing fragrance but are rarely labelled. Phthalates have been liked to hormone disruption. Look for formulas that are phthalate-free.

Formaldehyde is used in hair straightening formulas and commonly used in nail polishes, mascaras and shampoos. It is also used as a slow-release preservative. Formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives are listed as; quaternium-15, Diazolidinyl urea, Imidazolidinyl urea, DMDM hydantoin, and 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3 diols.

Unfortunately, not all products will label the ingredients used and it can be difficult and time-consuming to research. There are specific associations that you can trust like INCI Ingredient list, Ecocert COSMOS, GMP certified laboratories. These third-party partners? They guarantee truth in labelling and ensure the safety and security of their formulas. In the move towards transparent labelling and truth in advertising, they are the gold standard.

The Science Behind Fear, Anxiety and Stress and How to Counteract Them

Looking back on 2020, how are you feeling? Hope, wellness, fulfillment or fear, frustration and anxiety? The good news is that you don’t have to feel this way. The first step will be knowledge. What does science say about fear? Is there a solution? What if the circumstances remained difficult? Should our peace or hope only come from a positive change of circumstances?

Looking for an Efficient Strategy Backed up by Science to Detox? Then, you Will Love These Biohacks

Can we truly start to be more healthy, today? What can we do to turn on the body’s ability to heal, detox and protect against an increasing amount of chemicals in our food, toxins and viruses in the air or in our house and through many common items we use daily?

Do we really need to detoxify? How can we use biotechnology that is backed up by science to protect against a myriad of toxins we are exposed every day ? In today’s post, we will answer all these questions and talk about many other issues that we often  encounter when we try to detoxify our body.

Before starting, let’s first take a look at the history behind detoxification. What are the body’s mechanisms involved in detoxification? Do we really need today to support the body’s natural mechanism of detoxification?

As we could easily guess, detoxification is a natural body process in charge with the removal of waste matter or toxins. It’s a key process without which we would fast die.

It involves historical methods extensively used in the last 100 years. Here I’m talking about vomiting, sweating, laxatives and purgatives, expectorants, astringents, lymphatics and many others.

Detoxification was used even 100 years ago, when the people’s toxic load was thousands of times lower than today’s toxic load. The last century is known as a century of toxicity with more than 10,000 toxic chemicals in the air, water and food supply, with radioactive particles from atomic bombs. As these were not enough, cell phone and computer technology were added, so the toxic load increased substantially and  the amount of EMF we are daily exposed became dangerously high. These electrical toxins interfere with the natural electromagnetic field of our body. Dr. Klinghart wrote an amazing detailed article, backed up by science that emphasizes the electromog and its effect on the body. You can read it here.

Why am I insisting on the effects on excess EMF exposure ? Well, according to Dr. Klinghardt, body’s detoxification process is substantially slowed down by EMF. Toxins love electromagnetic radiation. We get cadmium from the car exhaust, mercury from dental amalgams or even eating fish, iron from meat. Cadmium, iron and mercury resonate with WI-FI. So, an efficient detoxification will involve removing metals from our body and reducing our exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Our bodies have their own detoxifications organs: the liver and the kidney. If they are overburdened by toxic food their capacity to eliminate chemicals is reduced. Liver detoxifies your body in two phases: first, the chemicals are neutralized and broken in small pieces, secondly they are bound to different molecules, so as the toxins to be  excreted in the bile, urine or stool. How can we stimulate the bile production from the liver? A simple and inexpensive way is by stimulation the vagus nerve ( the parasympathetic system responsible with rest and digest) through a diet rich in bitters. Dandelions, greens, grapefruit, coffee, chocolate, licorice, ginger, orange peel, turmeric, peppermint, fennel are all bitters. They stimulate the digestive juices, reduce sugar cravings and regulate the insulin with a direct impact on the ANS (autonomic nervous system).

An ANS in balance with a preponderance of the parasympathetic system is the key for proper detoxification. When in a fight and flight state, the energy is taken away from the digestive system, from liver, kidney and skin. All these organs  play an important role in detoxification.

Kidneys also have a crucial role by filtrating the blood and removing the waste and excess water from the body.

Doctor Lawrence Wilson explains that according to chinese medicine, there are yang (heat) and yin (cold) detoxification methods. The heat or yang method includes the kelp wraps, bone broth, hyperthermia therapy and every other method that increases the body temperature with a drying effect on the body. Modern medicine also confirmed that many toxins, fungi and bacteria, including cancer cells are heat-sensitive. The white blood cells, as part of the immune system, get activated when more heat shock proteins are produced. Coffee, reflexology, chiropractic adjustments and infrared sauna are all increasing body temperature with a direct impact on heat shock proteins and immune system. All these support the natural body’s detoxification mechanisms.

A good strategy to help body detoxification would have to contain support for the most important organs that play a key role in body toxic load removal: the lymphatic system, the skin, large intestine, liver, kidney and lungs.

Whole body vibration is a pleasant and easy way to activate the circulation and the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for the toxins transport toward the eliminative organs. Any lymphatic congestion will slow down the toxins circulation and removal process. Improving the balance and equilibrium, reducing the visceral fat ( there where the most toxins accumulate) more than the exercise alone, reducing pain and inflammation while activating the blood and the lymph circulation, are all the benefits of whole body vibration. For more on this, please read my previous post :”4 amazing immune system boosters that you will love”.

Once the lymph is free to flow and transport the toxins to the lymphatic nodes and eliminative organs, the next step should be to support those organs.

The bitters will increase the bile productions and stimulate the vagus nerve supporting a calm and relaxed nervous system that will help the detoxification process. B complex vitamins, glutathione, fish oils, flavonoids and amino acids from proteins will promote liver health.

One of the Heat or yang therapies that will greatly help the detoxification is infrared sauna or blanket. Fatigue, stress, decreased thyroid activity reduce body temperature. Cold extremities are also a result of poor circulation and an overactive nervous system. An interesting fact that many are not aware of is that depressed people often have a higher body temperature. It seems like a contradiction, but hyperthermia will actually help them by activating those heat shock proteins that will balance their body temperature and reduce their anxiety by stimulating  the vagus nerve. HSP ( heat shock proteins) eliminate free radicals, repair damaged proteins while supporting the antioxidant mechanisms. Combining the heat stress with exercise is a good strategy to stimulate the lymphatic system while activating the sweat glands, increasing the production of HSP and supporting the skin toxins elimination system.

Adding the dry skin brushing immediately after exposure to heat will greatly remove the dead skin cells and remove all the residues from pores that now are opened. Start brushing from your feet up toward the center of your body.Then you can continue with your arms, back and stomach.

The best strategy to support body’ detoxification process will combine the heat and light. The infrared blanket uses far infrared radiation that promotes blood flow and HSP, while near- infrared light ( half of the energy of the sun is near infrared) has anti-aging effects, increases relaxation and stimulates mitochondria to produce more energy.

By combining red light (for anti-aging skin related benefits), near-infrared light ( that enhance cellular function)  and far-infrared light ( promote circulation), heat stress ( increased HSP) and whole body vibration ( stress hormesis and immune system activation) you will considerably help the body to detoxify.

As a bonus, try also intravenous glutathione, that master antioxidant that will support the entire body detoxification. Glutathione plays an important  role against reactive oxidative species  while supporting liver detoxification and the cells membranes by removing the damaged lipids. For more information on how glutathione works and its role in the body, please read my other post  “IV therapy- high-doses of vitamin C and glutathione…”

In conclusion, just remember the days in which we are living where everything around is increasingly toxic, so a good body and mind yearly detoxification is not an option anymore, is a must. Whatever you decide that your detox strategy will be : by moving your lymph and stimulating the immune system through whole body vibration, using all spectrum of therapeutic light (red, near and far infrared), using hyperthermia therapy or simple supplements and foods, just invest your time and resources to detoxify your body at least once a year. Your body will thank you!

4 Amazing Immune System Boosters That You Will Love

As the flu season begins, we are all worried, especially this year, not to catch a cold, to get pneumonia or any other virus. We try to protect as much as possible, staying home, avoiding interaction with other people and…. just be alone. You wash your hands with regularity, take vitamin C, anything you think will help to keep viruses away, by boosting your immune system.

Tips and Tricks to Destress

There is no secret that 2020 is considered by the majority of people a stressful year. Clearly not for nothing. Financial difficulties, locks down in house for days and weeks in row, lost jobs and fear for the future, all these clearly have an impact on people’s emotional and mental health. Jonathan Landsman said: “There is NO WAY you can enjoy the present, if you’re busy thinking about the past.”. I would add to this: or “excessively worry about the future”.

So, are you one of those who start to struggle with headaches during the day or wake up with a pounding head? Overwhelmed by worry & stress, negativity, anxiety and panic attacks, fears or phobias or obsessive thoughts?

Now, imagine that you wake up full of energy, in a good humour ready to start your day. Get everything you want, done and cope easily with daily stress. You go to sleep early, completely satisfied with your day’s achievements. Does it seem like a dream to you? Completely unrealistic?

What if I will tell you that simple lifestyle changes could dramatically reduce your stress and create a better, happier, more focused YOU?

I will teach you simple tricks and tips backed by the latest research and solution-oriented programs to not only understand and address anxiety’s root causes but also to guide you toward supportive approaches to naturally eliminate your anxiety, by uncovering hidden triggers and address unwanted medication side-effects — so you can get relief!

You can truly get started to become a better and more calm YOU!

So, let’s dig into it.

Firstly, let’s look at the neurological root cause of anxiety and the relationship between stress and the HPA axis (hypothalamic-adrenal-pituitary axis). When in high stress for too long, the HPA axis gets dysfunctional. Hypothalamus (situated toward the front of your skull), adrenal glands (on top of kidneys) and the pituitary gland (just below the hypothalamus), produce many chemicals and release cortisol, glucocorticoids and other hormones that regulates your stress response, your mood, digestion and immune system response. If, for example, you are passing through a tough day at work and a nasty confrontation with your boss, your body gets into a fight and flight state, releasing cortisol and activating the sympathetic nervous system. Part of the cortisol gets back to the hypothalamus to inhibit the corticotropin hormone while another part gets back to the pituitary gland to inhibit adrenocorticotropic hormone, which will decrease the production of epinephrine and norepinephrine by the adrenal glands. In healthy individuals with low-level of stress, the HPA axis works well. But, when the stress becomes chronic and the cortisol and norepinephrine is overproduced, the HPA axis gets dysfunctional, desensitized and incapable of giving the orders to calm down. The result? Wake up every morning tired, groggy until you sip from a cup of hot liquid cortisol, used in excess by so many: coffee.

Chronic stress has another nasty effect: slows down the immune system, so your ability to fight infections or viruses decrease substantially. Overproduction of cortisol results in an acute or chronic inflammatory state. One of the cortisol functions is to modulate inflammation which, to its turn, modulates tiredness through some small, proinflammatory proteins called cytokines.

That’s the reason why shutting down inflammation is a potent way to reduce stress. Popping up 1000 mg of curcumin greatly impacts the inflammation and balances your HPA axis.

At CurAge Med you can find a synergistic combination of supplements considered an anti-anxiety powerhouse: Zinc, B vitamins, Magnesium, GABA and vit D. For some people, zinc and vitamin B6 deficiency greatly impact anxiety.  Blood sugar imbalance, sugar and alcohol all promote anxiety, contributing to nervousness and irritability.  GABA plays a major role in anxiety. Is an important calming neurotransmitter and an amino acid. CurAge Med uses a liposomal form of GABA, sublingual, that easily crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Food sensitivities could also contribute to your anxiety. At CurAge Med the doctor in place will check your food intolerances getting to the root of your anxiety problems. Blood tests could also detect a gluten sensitivity that will limit the availability of tryptophan which leads to decreased levels of serotonin. Gluten is often involved in anxiety and other moods problems.

The doctor can also recommend a blood test to indicate if you are struggling with low stomach acid. A low level of total serum protein, globulin and blood urea nitrogen can indicate low stomach acid which impairs your body’s capacity to break down proteins with impact on tryptophan (serotonin precursor) availability.

Dysbiosis or imbalance of intestinal bacteria or parasites can create a lot of anxiety. The reason why so many people sleep so bad during full moon nights is that parasites get active when you go to bed. Restless leg symptoms, calf cramping, teeth grinding, bedwetting, insomnia are all worse around the full moon. We all know that the tide changes during the full moon. So water is influenced by the moon. Or, the vast majority of parasites are actually water. So, on the full moon the parasites activity and replication is at its peak.

Dysbiosis can also be caused by low stomach acid, stress, medications.

Another important aspect, often ignored by people is the dysfunction of the ileocaecal valve that can remain open permitting contents of the colon to move back up into the small intestine, disrupting the flora. If you struggle with constipation, then, the pressure on the valve can force it to remain open. A relaxing but also therapeutic abdominal massage combined with some cranial osteopathy and foot reflexology that stimulates the vagus nerve is an important element of the CurAge Med Destress Program.

A real comprehensive approach to fatigue, stress and anxiety cannot exclude the most innovative non-invasive medical low frequency PEMF. Ondamed is an optional Add-On to the destress program, but a must for everyone that really wants to dramatically reduce their stress and fatigue. Ondamed is extremely effective for any soft-tissue wound, inflammation and pain, often causes of anxiety and body stress.

Another efficient way to destress is by using a therapeutic sound. All matter is vibrating at a specific frequency. Stress, anxiety, any other disease causes human beings to vibrate to a lower frequency.  Sound was used for centuries to improve moods and balance your sympathetic state (fight and flight) with the parasympathetic one (rest and digest). CurAge Med Destress Program also includes sound therapy as another efficient way to reduce stress. Every cell in our body is programmed to resonate specifically with human sound, so when our bodies receive the right combination of tones, it shifts from a stressed state to a calm one. Listening to uniquely calibrated frequencies will help you to feel relaxed and centered again.

Do you want something extremely relaxing that will almost instantly reduce your stress and anxiety? Infrared sauna blankets use infrared light to heat the body and loosen tight muscles. Only 30 min inside an infrared blanket will melt away all your worries and body tensions. Infrared light combined with internal layers of tourmaline, amethysts and charcoal will do their trick, so, soon you will feel all relaxed and all your tension will disappear.

There are many ways to destress your mind and body, some more efficient than others. But, if you want to really get to the root of your anxiety by using the latest research in the field, you will choose a comprehensive approach that will include patented technologies and the expertise of a functional medical doctor that will guide and counsel you the entire process, step by step. In our days, when anxiety is becoming so prevalent, even between children, an efficient stress-supporting program should become a must.