Inversion Therapy


Inversion therapy involves being upside down or at an inverted angle while hanging by the legs, ankles or feet with the intention of therapeutic benefits. It is a form of spinal traction. Gravity boots are ankle supports designed for inversion therapy.

How does it works?

Clients are literally turned upside-down for seconds to minutes at a time. This method takes the pressure off the spine, bones and even nerve roots.

As gravity work its magic on the body, the spine and the spinal column relaxes (decompresses) and spacing between each vertebrae stretches, thereby reducing pressure on the discs. Standing on our feet or sitting often causes the discs to compress on one another causing pain. Inversion therapy alleviates the pain. Relief is found from the stretch to which the back gets immediate release.

Why is important? (benefits)

  • Increases the Nutrient and oxygen to your brain
  • Gives you the benefits of a headstand without the risk of injury
  • Gives you a good level of spinal decompression
  • Trains your brain capillaries, making them stronger and more capable of bringing oxygen to your brain. More oxygen means better brain performance.
  • Helps to restore healthy blood flow to your brain by changing your body position of gravity
  • With regular use, you may experience better focus and concentration and a newfound sense of energy
  • Heavy, swollen feet and legs almost instantly become lighter and less swollen

We will use inversion table either as a standalone therapy or integrated to our alignment program. Inversion table adds a variety of benefits to our programs: Whether it’s to improve sleep quality, decompress the back and get rid of pain, increase blood flow to the brain for better cognitive function or boosting recovery after a workout.

Who can use it?

Can be used by the majority of people, with exception to those that have uncontrolled hypertension, glaucoma or other eye diseases, atherosclerosis or some cardiovascular acute problems. Inversion tables are also not recommended for pregnant women.

What to expect

Integrated on our alignment program or just as a standalone therapy, we will guide you through a few simple exercises that will help to decompress your spine, get some fluid into L4 and L5, stretch tight muscles and help with neck pain.

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