WHAT does this technology consist of?

ONDAMED® is a non-invasive medical device that produces a highly focused pulsed electromagnetic ­field that penetrates deep into a targeted region of the body to painlessly stimulate tissues and “Jump-Start” cellular activities.

HOW does it work?

ONDAMED® tunes your body’s own energy frequencies to stimulate your immune system, spark healthy cell regeneration, reduce inflammation and pain. The organs spontaneously recover their powers of self-repair with the process of healing now able to progress normally.

WHY is it revolutionary? (Advantages)

Clinical studies shows that pulsed electromagnetic therapy can help to:

  • Reduce pain, inflammation and edema
  • Facilitate cellular repair and regeneration
  • Improve blood circulation and activate lymphatic drainage
  • Support elimination of toxins
  • Promote absorption of nutrients and minerals
  • Improve sleep patterns and mood, and increase vitality
  • Reduce the harmful effects of geopathic and environmental stress
  • Build up your resistance and stamina to feel better

ONDAMED® was invented by electronics engineer, Rolf Binder in Schwanau, Germany. The technology is the result of 25 years of medical research. Medical professionals worldwide have been using ONDAMED® with remarkable success for over a decade.

ONDAMED® is FDA approved and approved for use by Health Canada.

Purchase and receive 11-15 CurAge Points - worth $11.00-$15.00
Purchase and receive 11-15 CurAge Points - worth $11.00-$15.00
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