Rosacea & How To Manage The Symptoms

Rosacea & How To Manage The Symptoms
[Let us take a closer look at the Nelly De Vuyst® Sensitive Skin collection and its innovative way to better manage the symptoms of rosacea.

Rosacea is a neurovascular skin disorder that affects over 20 million people in North America. The symptoms of rosacea and its progression includes; transient and permanent redness, telangatasias, papular-pustular lesions, and in certain cases can affect the nose called Phymatous rosacea and the eyes known as ocular rosacea.

Sensitive and rosacea-prone skin often has a compromised lipidic barrier so it is important to incorporate the right prebiotic cleaner and pH balance Toner as essentials along with an SPF 30 Mineral daily. The Foaming Wash for Sensitive Skin and the Soothing Lotion is ideal as they will respect the hydrolipidic barrier and the pH of the skin.

Our innovative Sensitive Skin complex contains prebiotics, plant extracts, and essential lipids to work throughout the epidermis and into the papillary level dermis to block and prevent the cascade of pro-inflammatory molecules. With its functional approach, it first blocks the cytokine response triggered in the epidermis while providing anti-inflammatory and restorative benefits to the microcirculation of the skin. Effectively targeting the cause and symptoms simultaneously. You can find this complex in the Sensitive Skin Serum along with the Sensitive Skin Cream and Repair Complex Cream.

For a professional facial treatment that actually reduces redness, The Nelly De Vuyst® DermaCalm Facial protocol offers an immediate dissipation of redness, inflammation, burning, and itching associated with sensitive and reactive skin types. This facial has additional benefits as it can be used around the eye contour to improve microcirculation and reduce dark circles.

The BioCalm collection offers extraordinary synergies of restorative calming and soothing actives specially formulated for sensitive and reactive skin conditions and those predisposed to Rosacea and acne rosacea to restore health and protection to the skin.

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